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Stress Less & Feel Better from the Inside Out Without Taking Time Off Work. I'll show you how.

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Don't Live Out-of-Balance

Are you working crazy hours and not taking time for self-care?

Do you believe in meditation and healthy living, but can't remember when you did them last?

Well, I was like that, too.

As a High-Tech Executive, I worked 70 hours/week and was chronically stressed and exhausted. Not surprisingly, I got a health wake-up call: prediabetes and systemic inflammation.

I decided life was too short to put my happiness and wellness on hold. So, I tried tons of mind, body, soul practices until I found the most effective ones - ones that I could do while working a busy job.

With a more balanced lifestyle and wellness plan that I could fit into my schedule, I was able to recover my physical health (clean lab tests, yeah!) and overall well-being. I also lost 2 inches of belly fat and look and feel better than ever.

I was so excited about what I learned that I am becoming a Certified Wellness Coach and created Heart Centered Living to help others experience balance, happiness and wellness by adopting daily mind, body and soul practices. 

The 3-Day Reset is an ideal way to jump start your new, happier and healthier lifestyle. 

You won't lose 2 inches off your waist in 3 days, but on average customers who completed the before and after Reset Quiz say their overall well-being improved from 3 to 6 (on a 10-point scale).

So, the Reset does work!


Results: What Can Be Achieved In 3 Days

Feel Less Tired
& More Rested

Eat a healthy meal 3+ hours before bed, unplug from all tech and end your day heart centered to sleep better.

Restore Your Mojo
& Inner Wellbeing

Use daily meditation, intentions and reflections to uplift yourself and practice kindness to uplift those around you. 

Stress Less & Feel Better
From the Inside Out

Do mega hydration and eat healthy, stress-reducing, anti-inflammatory foods to nourish your mind, body and soul.

Why The Reset Works Better Than A Detox

  • Focused on Adding/Nourishing versus Fasting/Deprivation
  • Based on 3 Pillars for Holistic (Mind, Body & Soul) Balance
  • Uses Scientifically Proven Methods to Reduce Stress and Improve Sleep through Diet, Meditation, Gratitude & More
  • Designed for Busy Professionals to Succeed
  • Journal Shows you How to Start and End Your Day Heart Centered (FREE BONUS WHEN YOU PURCHASE NOW)


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What's Included In The Reset

You'll receive the daily guidance, recipes and resources you need for a successful experience so you can feel better from the inside out.

  • Easy-to-Follow Daily Videos
  • 3-Day Planner (Printable)
  • Shopping List (Printable)
  • Quick & Nourishing Recipes (Printable)
  • BONUS: Heart Centered Living Reset Journal

Our No-Risk 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

At Heart Centered Living, we have every confidence that you will be delighted with your 3-Day Reset.    But, in the event that you are not 100% satisfied, please contact us within 14 days of purchase for a FULL Refund.

"The Heart Centered Living Reset helped me learn how to be a healthier, more mindful and aware person. I'm glad I discovered it."

Julie Thompson

"I highly recommend the 3-Day Heart Centered Living Reset. It helped me feel less stressed and more like myself again."

Bob Marsh

The Heart Centered Living Reset

A 3-day wellness program designed to help busy professionals stress less and feel better from the inside out without taking time off work.

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need is WiFi or a direct internet connection to access the program anytime anywhere to any device of your choosing.

Whenever you're ready! There's no set start (or end) date here.

It's doable. Everyone can slow down and fit in an extra hour for three days without taking time off work. Plus, it's enough time to rest and recover your energy and improve your inner well-being.

All recipes are science-based to reduce stress (with magnesium-rich foods), stabilize blood sugar (with balanced meals consisting of the right amounts of healthy fat and protein) and decrease inflammation (with lots of omega 3s, fiber-rich greens, and antioxidant-rich, colorful foods).

Overall, I created these recipes to help you get the good stuff in. So, you feel nourished not deprived.

Plus, the recipes taste good. In fact, I personally love them and my nickname is "Picky Vicki".

In addition, the recipes can be made quickly and easily - no matter how time-pressed you are.

No problem. Modify the recipes or substitute your own. The program is about creating a balanced wellness program that is right for you. Nutrition is one element of Heart Centered Living, but you will still see value from the other components of this holistic wellness program.

Yes! Do the Reset as many times as you like all from the comfort of your own home. In fact, I hope you will do the Reset anytime you feel like you need some rest and want to remember what it feels like to live a more balanced, heart centered life.

No problem. You can purchase the program now to get the special discount and then do the Reset anytime you want when it's convenient.

We really hope you love it! But, if you aren't 100% satisfied, please contact us at [email protected] within 14 days of purchase for a full refund.

Email us at [email protected]. We're happy to answer all of your questions.

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