Is Your Year Off to a Good Start?

Is your year off to a good start?

If so, congratulations and keep up the momentum.

But, if your year isn’t off to a great start, it’s not too late.

It’s a time of new beginnings. The ideal time for a fresh start.

You can jump on this new cycle today – if you haven’t already – by simply DOING MORE OF WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY.

This year can be different.

2019 is a “3” Universal Energy Year, which means that this year you can naturally tap into more creativity, fun and joy.

This is the ideal time to set an intention to be happier and healthier.




  1. Know Who You Are and What Makes You Happy

Even if things don’t always go your way, remember the Light is in you.

You are 100% unique. There is no one else like you in the entire world.

And, you are here for a reason. Only you can be you. The world needs you to play full out and be the best you only you can be.

This “3” Universal energy year is an ideal time to be yourself and have more fun.

What makes you happy is “on course” for you.

So, be willing to do more of what makes you happy. Then, you will be shining your unique light for the benefit of all.


  1. Set Your Intention to Be Happy

If you are finding it difficult to keep up with your New Year’s Resolution, simplify your life by setting an intention every morning when you wake up.

One of the most powerful intentions is “I choose to be happy today.”

It’s a great way to start the day.

Do you know the expression: “Start as you mean to go on?”

If you want to be happy, why not start your day off happy?

Simply start your day happy.

Then, no matter what happens during your day, you can re-affirm “I choose to be happy.”

If someone upsets you, stop and remind yourself about your intention before your respond.

We can’t control what happens to us, but we can control how we respond and we can choose to be happy no matter what.

Try it for the rest of January and see how it works.


  1. Take Inspired Action to Co-Create Happier Work and Life

This three-year is the ideal time to start experiencing a happier life.

But, we must take action. Every day follow through on any intuition – flash insight into how to bring more balance into your work and life.

How do you know what your intuition wants for you?

Simply feel into it.

For example, when you are standing at the refrigerator and thinking about eating something, ask yourself if this is the healthiest choice you can make.

If it feels light and good, that’s a Yes.

If it feels heavy or you have doubts, that’s a No.

Follow your intuitive guidance and you will definitely be on track for a happier and healthier year.


And, keep doing more of what makes you happy.

For example, if you are happy when you have a high-quality conversation with someone, then make it a priority to talk to colleagues at work and your family or friends at home.

Taking action that makes you happy is taking inspired action. So, be intentional and do more of what makes you happy each and every day.


Want to build happier and healthier habits into your life?


If your New Year’s Resolution is stalled or you just want to make a permanent lifestyle change, your habits could be holding you back.

Did you know that 40% of our day is run on auto-pilot – a.k.a. your habits?

To find out the best way to adopt happier and healthier habits, get my award-winning book, Happy Habits: Energize Your Career and Life in Just 4 Minutes a Day at

Happy Habits will help you establish new habits – habits that enable you to do more of what makes you happy – and stick with it.


So, now it’s your turn…

What Makes You Happy and How Can You Do More of It This Year?

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