What is Heart Centered Living?


Here are some responses I often hear:

“Heart Centered Living is being true to yourself and your values.”

“Heart Centered Living means following your heart and intuition versus your head.”

“Heart Centered Living Is living according to the calling of your soul.”

“Heart Centered Living means choosing love and expansion versus fear and contraction.”

“Heart Centered Living means leading with your heart and living from the inside out.”


If you thought Heart Centered Living means any of the things listed above, then you are RIGHT.


And the great news is that most of us WANT to live more heart centered lives.


But, the challenge is that most of us just don’t know HOW to live heart centered.

We don’t know what it feels like to live heart centered .

And, we don’t really know how heart centered living is different than head-centric living.


So, I like defining Heart Centered Living this way…


Heart Centered Living is living from the heart, intuition and love (the highest value of your Soul and the Universe).”

When you live Heart Centered, you feel calmer, more balanced, happier, healthier, expansive and more loving.

You feel like you are your ‘Best and Highest Self’ and are on path with your life purpose.

Unlike head-centric living which is dominant these days, Heart Centered Living is a more balanced and holistic (mind-body-soul) approach to living in today’s modern digital age.

The best way to bring more heart into all areas of your life is to adopt DAILY mind-body soul practices.


I created HeartCenteredLiving.Net™ as a community  for busy professionals who want more balance, happiness and wellness and are open to adopting mind-body-soul practices.

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Now, that you know what Heart Centered Living means to me. I’d like to hear from you.

What Does Heart Centered Living Mean to You?


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