The Heart Centered Living Journal - A Next Generation Gratitude Journal (FREE WITH 3-DAY RESET)

The Heart Centered Living Journal is designed to help you start and end your day heart centered.

Using the journal, you can start your day with three (3) simple questions to connect to Source and set your intention for the day.

Before bed, you can use the journal to end your day with three (3) questions including an advanced gratitude practice designed by happiness expert, Shawn Achor.

I believe this is the IDEAL WAY to START AND END YOUR DAY. And, it’s a great way to start living a more heart-centered life. 

Unlike a simple gratitude journal, the Heart Centered Living Reset Journal includes:

  • AM and PM Journaling – guides you to spend a few minutes each morning and evening so you can start and end your day heart centered


  • Advanced Gratitude Practice – groundbreaking research from happiness expert, Shawn Achor shows that when you include WHY you are grateful for something or someone it amplifies the Positive Gratitude Effect.

          With this new advanced gratitude practice, you only need to come up with three                things you are grateful for and why you are grateful for them.

          I love this new advanced gratitude practice because the focus is on QUALITY and                not on quantity, which makes it much easier to do and much more powerful. 


  • Intention Setting – set your intentions before you go to bed so your subconscious mind is programmed for a positive day tomorrow


  • Self-Worth Abundance Reflection – acknowledge what you did well each day to help attract greater abundance and signal to the Universe that you are ready to move forward


  • Experience Yourself as Love – connect to your soul and know you are one with the Light/Source


Overall, I love the Heart Centered Living Journal because it helps you reconnect with the AMAZING GIFT YOU ARE and be the best version of yourself every day.



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