Are You Living Heart Centered?

Are You Living Heart Centered?

And Does it Matter If You Are Living Heart Centered?

This is Part 2 of the Blog Post: “Why Heart Centered Living Matters?”


I am writing this for Fletcher and everyone who has said “Why Heart Centered Living Matters?” is their favorite post.


How Do I Know If You Are Living Heart Centered?


If you care enough to ask yourself this question, then I believe you are a very caring, heart-centered person by nature.


In my opinion, most people – even people who are deeply caring – can be more open or closed at any given time.

Heart Centered Living is a continuum.


You might be operating from the head-centered/unconscious or heart-centered/conscious end of the scale or anywhere in between, depending on the situation and where you are coming from.

If you aren’t sure how heart centered you are being, it’s pretty easy to tune in using the following techniques or litmus tests to find out.


Here are two quick techniques or litmus tests you can use to determine – by yourself - how heart centered you are.


Use either one or both of these techniques any time to see if you are living more from your head or your heart.


The first technique or litmus test to determine how heart centered you are relates to your level of thinking. Simply ask yourself…


  • Are you overthinking?


The level of activity of your mind reflects how open or closed our hearts tend to be.


If you notice you are caught up in overthinking or your mind is really noisy, it does indicate your heart isn’t as open as it could be and that you may be operating unconsciously from your head versus from your heart.


If you are overthinking, It’s okay. Be gentle with yourself.

If you are a recovering perfectionist like me, PLEASE don’t beat yourself up for overthinking.


Alternatively, don’t interpret your overthinking or “Monkey Mind” as yet another thing you are doing wrong or a spiritual problem you need to overcome.


I’ve been there and done that and all it does is build up your spiritual ego (that part of you that is trying to use your spiritual beliefs to control everything and protect itself from integrating with Love).

So, believe me when I tell you that if you see overthinking as a problem, it doesn’t help you reconnect with your Divine innocent heart.


And viewing overthinking as a problem often delays your Soul’s return to the Love you are.

Instead, I urge you to think of a noisy mind or overthinking as an alarm clock.


When you realize your mind is noisy, view that as an opportunity to reconnect with your body and breath, both of which will open your heart again.


The second litmus test you can use with yourself to determine how heart centered you are at any time is your breath.


  • Are you holding your breath?


Bring your awareness to your breath. When it is slow, deep and even, your heart is the most open. How open is your heart right now?

Notice your breath. What happens when you watch it? Does it slow down?


How does it feel when your breath slows down and your nervous system relaxes?


Next, try bringing your awareness to your breath when you are angry or wound up. What happens? Can you feel that your heart is more open?

Can you see that slowing your breath enables you to feel more heart centered and more life your true Self?


What Happens If You Live Mostly Head Centered versus Heart Centered?



When I worked 70-hours a week as a High Tech Executive, I frequently found myself stressed, overthinking and holding my breath.


As you know from the techniques or litmus tests above that means that I was primarily living head centered versus heart centered.

So, I am a real world example of someone who lived more head centered than heart centered for 25+ years.


What happened?


Well, I created a lot of stress for myself and those around me.

In fact, my Mom used to say that I was constantly on an emotional roller coaster.


Unfortunately, I let external events determine whether I was happy or sad and I tried to use my mind to constantly solve problems.


The net result after 25 years of head centered living was the chronic stress and inflammation of my mind showed up in my medical lab tests as systemic inflammation, insulin resistance and pre-diabetes.


Yes, health wake-up call.


Therefore, you could say that I learned the hard way that there is a connection between the mind, body and soul.

Seems obvious now. But, sometimes you have to experience life firsthand.


That’s why I say from my own personal experience…


Heart Centered Living Matters!


Heart Centered Living Matters because it can impact your emotional and physical health AND it can impact those around you – for better or worse – as well.


In my next post, I will share the 3 Keys to Heart Centered Living that I used to overcome my chronic stress, insulin resistance and prediabetes.


For now, I’d like to hear from you.


Do you believe that Heart Centered Living Matters?


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