The 3 Keys to Heart Centered Living

Happy Valentine’s Day!


I hope this is a positive day for you and that you are surrounded with love from friends and family.


In addition, I thought it would also be a good day to encourage you to jump start your heart centered living journey, if you haven’t already.


Whenever I start something new, I always want to know what are the keys to success.


So, today I’d like to share with you “The 3 Keys to Heart Centered Living.”


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What Are the 3 Keys to Heart Centered Living?


The three keys to Heart Centered Living are:

  1. Knowing You (Your Essence/Soul) are Love
  2. Loving Yourself More
  3. Seeing Love in All


I discovered these three Heart Centered Living key success factors during my own healing journey and then started using them in all of my coaching programs with clients.


They work because they help re-balance you on many levels including:









As a result, the three keys to Heart Centered Living help you eliminate stress, overthinking and exhaustion and enable you to reconnect with your breath/heart, natural healing processes and innate happiness.



Heart Centered Living Key Success Factor #1: Know Your Essence is Love


When I was working as a High-Tech Marketing Executive, it seemed like I was constantly running from work crisis to work crisis putting out fires and solving problems.


My attention and focus were always external and I experienced chronic stress and exhaustion.


It was only when I got sick that I realized two critical things.


First, I realized I had forgotten who I am.


I had stopped going inside and remembering my essence or soul – like all of ours - is love.


By forgetting who I am, I was operating from my head or ego (the fear-based, incomplete or separate sense of self) versus my true self or soul.


In addition, I was letting external events determine how good I felt about myself and my life.


I must say it was not a very stable or “happy-making” way to live…


Second, I realized that I needed to re-commit to a daily spiritual practice.


I had practiced meditation for over 20 years, but when I was working 70+ hours per week, I let my meditation and spiritual reading (my daily sadhana) drop.


I thought I was too busy to meditate.


But, when I got sick, it was only then that I realized that I couldn’t afford to give up my spiritual practices.


So, I learned that to live heart centered, it all needs to start with remembering who you are and living from that center (a.k.a. doing a spiritual practice that works for you) each and every day.




Heart Centered Living Key Success Factor #2: Love Yourself More


The second key success factor for Heart Centered Living is loving yourself more or adopting an effective self-care routine.


Busy professionals often undervalue the importance of self-care and this can have a debilitating effect on their emotional and or physical health.


To create an effective self-care routine typically involves the following to optimize your mental, emotional and physical health:


  • Starting your day positive
  • Staying hydrated
  • Getting enough high-quality sleep
  • Eating healthy foods mindfully and regularly
  • Taking supplements to fill in nutritional gaps
  • Exercising
  • Managing your stress
  • Making time to relax and upwind before bed



Heart Centered Living Key Success Factor #3: See Love in All


Once you have anchored an effective self-care/self-love practice, it’s time to share the love with those around you.


This brings us to the third key to Heart Centered Living: seeing love in all.


I like to think of this as the place where the rubber hits the road and you can share your new inner well-being externally.


If we start with the first key to Heart Centered living that each one of us - at a soul level - is love, then when can start to embrace “All is Love” and “All is One”.


From this awareness of Unity Consciousness, we can now approach everyone we meet in a new, more heart-centered way.


Here are some examples of ways to see love in all.


Listen as a gift

See the unconditional love in your pet

Spend quality time with people you love

Find things you have in common with others

Watch children playing

Commune with nature

Observe the beauty and goodness in someone else


Soon you will experience how uplifting it is to see love in all. Life will seem less threatening and more inviting.


Together, the 3 Keys to Heart Centered Living will help you nourish your mind, body and soul, if you do them every day.


Then, you will start to feel more balanced, loving, happy and healthy from the inside out.…more like your best and highest self.


That’s what Heart Centered Living is all about.




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Now, that you know my take on the 3 Keys to Heart Centered Living, I’d like to hear from you.


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