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Why Work With Me (Vicki Morris) & Heart Centered Living

I'm a Certified Health Coach and Holistic Wellness Expert who overcame stress, exhaustion and systemic inflammation while working 70 hours/week in High Tech. 

I combined what I learned from my personal experience and training to pull together the most effective, science-based holistic wellness methods and turn them into doable, bite-sized, guided online programs that even busy people can fit into their schedule starting with a simple 3-day weekend wellness Reset.

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Too Busy For Self Care?

I used to think I was too busy for self care and healthy living. But, I learned the hard way that it's easier to adopt a balanced lifestyle than to recover your health.

Don't wait for a health wake-up call.

It's easier than you think to adopt daily practices to nourish your mind, body and soul. And, you can do it all while keeping your day job.

It Takes More Than a Juice Cleanse

True wellness is built on living heart centered:

1) Know Your Essence is Love: Connect to Source daily through meditation, mantras, gratitude, etc.

2) Love Yourself More: Practice self-care with healthy diet, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, laughter, etc.

3) See Love in All: Practice kindness and connect with nature, pets, loved ones, colleagues, etc.

3 Steps to a Happier & Healthier You

Each program builds upon the previous one so that in as few as 9 weeks you end up with a radiant wellness lifestyle that is right for you and that you do on autopilot because it has become part of your daily routine.

Regain Your Balance

The 3-Day Reset helps you rest and regain your balance while trying a proven heart-centered lifestyle for a weekend

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Renew Your Energy

The 14-Day Makeover helps you restore your energy and experience living a fully balanced, heart-centered lifestyle

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Live Happy & Well

The 40-Day Mastery helps you adopt a personalized, holistic wellness plan and balanced, heart-centered lifestyle

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How Healthy Is Your Lifestyle?



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